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" I hope to bring my audience into a world of unique colours through my compositions. "

Veronica is a young Australian female composer based in Sydney.  She has gained her reputation as an aspiring young composer since receiving her first international composition award at the age of 14, in which her works were performed at Ehrbar Hall, Vienna.  She has continued to pursue her passion in scoring music for film, being recently awarded as a top 20 finalist of the Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition 2019, among 180 worldwide participants from 43 different countries.


Veronica is passionate about Music Composition and has written over fifty works ranging from solo instruments to orchestral pieces, as well as electroacoustic music.  She began composing at the age of eleven and has no trouble finding her way to the piano and coming up with new ideas to start another composition.  

Professional Services:

  • Music Composition for Screen and Games

  • Music Rearrangement and Transcription for all instruments and ensembles

Contemporary Music.
Music for Screen Demos.
Musician.  Composer.  Music Educator.
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