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" I hope to bring my audience into a world of unique colours through my compositions. "

Veronica’s passion lies particularly in composing film and contemporary music, having written more than fifty pieces ranging from solo instrumental, choral, orchestral, and electroacoustic works.  She started composing at the young age of eleven, and ever since, she has been able to effortlessly find her way to the piano and DAW, constantly coming up with new ideas to start another composition.

Her two 2023 compositions, Voces Praeludium written for massed choir and orchestra, and Immerse for electric violin with loop station and synthesizer, will be premiered at the 2023 Santa Sabina College Gala Concert at the Sydney Town Hall in June.

You can listen to some of Veronica's previous works below:

Contemporary Music.
Music for Screen Demos.
Musician.  Composer.  Music Educator.
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