" Music is my way of sharing my story, of giving back, and of sharing my world with others. "

Veronica is a passionate and dedicated musician whose desire is to inspire and share her music skills and experiences with others.  With her strong passion for music, she teaches people of all ages and levels, bringing in her expertise in the music field and ensuring for all, that music is enjoyable, regardless of their skill level.  She is able to help her students connect more thoroughly with music through rearranging and transcribing scores to reflect each individual's ability, allowing them to still enjoy music that is sophisticated.  She is a highly musically trained and compassionate teacher who believes that anyone can enjoy the gift and wonderful experiences that music can bring.

To know more about her teaching experiences, click on the link below to her personal blog:

Veronica teaches:

  • Music Composition, including HSC Music 1,  2 and Music Extension 

  • Music Theory and Aural Skills, including AMEB   Theory of Music

  • Piano and Keyboard, including AMEB Piano Comprehensive and Piano for Leisure 

  • Flute at all levels, including AMEB

  • Violin at all levels, including AMEB



Well done to Veronica's composition students, Gillian (Sydney Girls High) and Hiroi (SCEGGS Darlinghurst) for achieving Band 6 in HSC Music 2, 2019!

Another warm congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements in their recent AMEB exams:

  • Phyllis for achieving A in Grade 6 (piano)

  • Austin for achieving A in Grade 3 (piano)

  • Leon for achieving A+ in Grade 2 (piano)

  • Shelly for achieving A in Grade 1 (flute)

Pictured: Veronica's flute student, Xavier who achieved 1st prize in the St George and Sutherland Junior Music Festival 2019, run by the NSW Music Teachers' Association

Musician.  Composer.  Music Educator.


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